Pick your party – Conservative


Many people our age have no idea which political party they should be following. Many people our age do not really have much of a political opinion.

 I am not one of those people.

But I thought I could help any of you guys who were lost or struggling to identify where you belong on the political platform.

I have decided to write a series about the most popular political parties, just so that you guys can have a good knowledge of the basics, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of everything later.


Let’s start with the Conservative Party.

Plain and simply David Cameron and his party believe in one thing – spending cuts.

The Conservatives used what is known as the deficit as leverage against the Labour Party to win yet another election back in May.


Deficit – ‘An amount (such as an amount of money) that is less than the amount that is needed)’ as defined by the merriam-webster dictionary.


In other words, the deficit is the amount of debt that the UK owes. This international debt is thought to be at roughly £1.53 TRILLION by March 2016, so it’s clearly not a small affair.

David Cameron claimed that his party has helped to ‘balance the books’ and since 2010 have halved the deficit, of course no one can know for sure if this is true (money is very complicated).

The Conservative Party have claimed to have reduced the amount of debt by cutting government spending and welfare. For example, by reducing the amount of Child benefits available. Whether you agree with this or not, the main reason as to why people vote for the Conservative party is because they have claimed to have reduced the deficit and are working towards economic security for the UK.


However, David Cameron is not a magical fairy that waves his wand and immediately reduces debt. Many people have suffered from his decisions, Us, for example.

In order to gain economic security for Britain as a whole, David Cameron must harness his money from somewhere, and sadly he has picked on students and young people. If like me, you would like to go to University, then life has been made much harder for you by David Cameron.

Currently, one year of university education has an average cost of £3000. To complete a 3 year bachelor’s degree, you would have to pay roughly £9000.

However, the Conservative Party have recently tripled costs so that one year costs £9000 and three years would cost £27,000! That’s enough money to put a deposit down on a house. So instead of me possibly owning a property one day for my family, I will be paying back that money from my monster-sized student loan.  Meanwhile, a young David Cameron studied Philosophy, politics and Economics at the renowned Oxford University for a grand total price of absolutely nothing. Yep, education was free back then and now he wants me to pay for his free ride? Personally, I hold a bit of a grudge towards the Conservatives for placing huge repayments down on the rest of my life (bear in mind I am trying to be objective).

Many people our age do not support the Conservative Party, but that does not mean you have to follow the crowd. If you support their ideas about reducing debt and creating an economically stable UK, then you can know that your political opinion is based more around this party.

The Conservatives are notoriously more Capitalist than labour. They preach that if you work hard, you will gain reward. And what’s wrong with that? It seems pretty fair. However, it is assumed that this means that the conservatives cater only to the rich, and they do not care about the middle and lower classes. For example, as I have previously mentioned, the Conservatives have tried to make more money available by cutting benefits. The Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Conservative party (the guy who handles budgeting and money), George Osborne, has announced a two year plan to reduce housing benefits, so people struggling to pay their rent will no longer receive aid from the government. In this way, people often see the Conservatives as only for the rich.

But it is also important to understand their point of view. The benefits system in the UK is often abused by people claiming to need financial aid when they do not really need it. The Conservative government aim to cut benefits in places where they know that the system is being abused. For example, David Cameron has recently proposed a limit on the amount of child benefits given to EU citizens whose children do not actually live in the UK. This can be seen as fair, Britain should not have to be paying for children who do not really live in Britain, and so maybe the Conservatives are not the money-stealing monsters they are thought to be.


What do you think? Is David Cameron right to impose spending cuts and benefit reductions? Or is he being horribly unfair and allowing the rich to thrive while everyone else suffers? I hope that your answers to these questions can help you determine whether or not you are for the Conservative Party.

Still not 100% sure? You can always go and read up on more Conservative policies through their website:  www.conservatives.com


But don’t make your decision immediately; we haven’t even got to Labour yet…


30 thoughts on “Pick your party – Conservative

  1. This is a very well written post. I think we need a shake up in our political system. I dont class myself as either left wing or right wing. I have left wing leanings when it comes to diversity but extreme right wing view on terrorism. We need more people to think about not settling for one party or another and create one that works…Currently we have a “conservative” government however with their stance so far on ISIS you would honestly think that Jeremy Corbyn was Prime Minister


    1. Haha yes I completely agree. I read an article the other day which suggesting that politics is becoming far too polarised and people need to learn that it is okay to be moderate. Which is actually and article that I would be interested in writing after I finished this series.

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      1. Well I might beat you to the post on that one as It is true… You do not have to be one or the other. You just need to have a passion for having your voice heard. Like me. I do not advocate Violence. But civil disobeidience on a large scale where everyone agrees to a non violent, non agressive protest will be far more effective then anything that Britain First, EDL, KKK, BNP, PEdgia can do because they rally on hate. I would love to see a rally on change


    1. Well personally I consider myself to be left wing. But when Jeremy Corbyn came along I had to think twice about that. I found that writing this article helped me to gain a more balanced political viewpoint as it requires me to talk about the pros of the Conservative party.

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  2. The Conservative Party have claimed to have reduced the amount of debt by cutting government spending

    No, they haven’t. They are still trying to cut the deficit to zero, and get the current account into the black. Only then will the National Debt be reduced. At the moment it’s still rising. It has approximately doubled under George Osborne’s chancellorship.


    1. I appreciate your constructive criticism. I am currently just trying to keep things as basic as possible and skimming over the surface of the party. I did not want to go into huge amounts of detail for fear of confusing people as the blog is aimed at people who are new to politics and who just want basic information.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. This is a really nice write up and very clear for people who might no be so familiar with British politics. If you’re interested in getting more writing experience, please check out the ‘write for us’ section of politicsandthat.com.

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  4. Something you might want to link to, also, is the Politcal Compass test. It looks at your political views on a four quadrant graph. It looks at whether you are a liberal or a conservative and whether or not you are more authoritarian. They even have links for the British Parties! (http://www.politicalcompass.org/) Anyways, I do like to keep up with the politics across the pond. I’ve heard that the Tories are also looking to revoke the NHS, if I’ve heard correctly? It seems “balancing the budget” to conservatives mean “nobody gets help”. I’m all for the elimination of useless programs, but people who need aid should get aid. And trust me, the “American” way of doing this is bollocks. But maybe I’m too liberal to be unbiased. 😉


    1. Wow thank you for the link I’ll be sure to check it out. I enjoyed hearing your view on things and as a liberal myself I found it extremely hard to say anything positive about the conservatives so you’re not the only one haha


  5. Nicely done. You’re off to a good start. I’m not completely familiar with British politics, but if “Conservative” carries roughly the same connotation in the UK as it does in the US, then it seems like your Conservative Party might be thought of as akin to our Republican Party. (The party that espouses lower debt and lower taxes, but somehow never gets around to cutting much actual spending).
    Might I make a suggestion? If your aim is to educate teens on all things politics, a primer or test, such as “the World’s Smallest Political Quiz,” (https://www.theadvocates.org/quiz/quiz.php) might help them discover, or recognize, their own philosophical grounding, which would give them a better feel for which party or candidates they might align with.


    1. Wow thank you so much for the link. Yes the Conservative party are very much in like with the Republican Party much like labour with the democrats. I myself am a labour supporter so I found it quite difficult writing a more balanced article about the conservatives.


  6. Interesting post. Not being British, I am not really able to speak meaningfully about the political parties, but the description of conservatism given here is different than conservatism in the USA.


  7. Thank you for your “like” on the Views from the Edge piece, “Conservative, Progressive, or….” and for your invitation to take a look at your new blog. I like it. Good for you! You’ve done a nice job of informing young people what the Conservative Party stands for in Great Britain, not an easy undertaking, given that so many younger people today are turned off by all politics. The same is true here in the U.S.A. I look forward to reading your piece on the Labour Party.

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