Is Labour facing unjust criticisms? 

We all know that Labour lost the general election back in May 2015, and we all know why. No matter what poor Ed Milliband promised, no one could forget the countless mistakes of Labour leaders past. Thanks to them the deficit is soaring and we are living in immeasurable amounts of debt. Although, it seems to me that everyone has forgotten the squalid conditions in Britian back in the 1930’s under the Conservative government when the divide between rich and poor was so large that the food rationing during the war meant that some people were acctually receiving more food than they did before. It’s worth the thought – have we been too harsh? 

Let’s not forget that in a time of desperation after the war, when the National government made no promises to rebuild homes or invest in a better future, a time where the American government were simultaneously pouring millions of dollars into the New Deal to lift its people out of poverty, the Labour Party rose up, winning the 1945 election and creating the welfare state. Without them there may not be such a thing as the NHS now and the benefits system which helps millions of struggling citizens could still be as exclusive as it was before 1945, when eligibility for benefits was harshly judged.

It is right now, over 70 years later that the Conservatives are undoing all this good work, cutting welfare and using Labours ‘excessive’ borrowing as an excuse to do so. The war is our evidence – government spending will do a lot more for us than government cuts.  It was only when Labour invested in creating the welfare state in 1945 that the lives of the British people acctually improved. So ask yourself this question – would you rather live comfortably in a country where your government was willing to spend generously on your quality of life, or one where the government makes constant cuts to your education and healthcare and withdraws their financial support of those in need? 

From the beginning, Labour has been a party for the people, and not just those in the lower or middle classes. Rich or poor, anyone has the right to free healthcare and education, all thanks to the Labour Party. No matter how many times David Cameron throws his criticisms out there about Labours poor financial decisions, Labour will continue to support and spend on people of all classes, unlike the Conservatives who cater only to the rich. It is obvious to me that Britain has been far too harsh on the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn however – is a different story entirely. 


4 thoughts on “Is Labour facing unjust criticisms? 

  1. Not sure what you mean by Jeremy Corbyn being a different story altogether but I like your piece. Interestingly, two new books out recently, one looking back at Harold Wilson’s time as Labour leader and the other “Broken Vows” looking at Tony Blair. The latter explains why Labour are now where they are – lost.


  2. Interesting reading. Thank you. I am not as familiar with Great Britain experience as with the American experience, but here are some links to my blog posts on the subject that you may or may not find interesting.

    Debunking the Myth That It’s Your Fault You’re Poor –

    Making the Case for a LIVING WAGE –

    And this one, which may not so closely match the GB experience, but you might find interesting also –

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